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Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, but also one of the poorest, with over 50% of its population living in poverty.  Its infant mortality rate is one of the highest in Latin America.

Nurses in urban hospitals often lack the level of education to address the complex issues that can happen during childbirth, especially with premature infants, and in the first days of life.  In rural areas, women often give birth at home with the assistance of midwives.



Baby's Breath Project saw an opportunity to bring their knowledge to help nurses, midwives and other medical personnel improve the care and reduce the infant mortality rate in Guatemala. 

For the first three years, the focus for the teams that went to Guatemala was teaching in Roosevelt Hospital, a large public hospital in Guatemala City. Newborn resuscitation,infection control and techniques for the stabilization of newborn infants were among the topics covered for over 400 nurses from Roosevelt Hospital and 26 other Guatemalan hospitals.

In 2012, the focus turned to more rural areas and training the midwives who are at the births.  The first year, we "trained the trainers" in a simple infant resuscitation program called Helping Babies Breathe. Those nurses,midwives and doctors are now teaching midwives from their region in Guatemala. 

Baby's Breath Project has taught over 250 midwives from the many villages around Tecpan and Sacatepequez,  Guatemala in Helping Babies Breathe and the Essentials of Newborn Care. After the training, each of the midwives is given a backpack full of medical aids such as a resuscitation bag and mask, suction bulb, surgical towels, soap, scissors, thermometer, cloth diapers and baby hats.

The Opportunity: Become a supporter of Baby's Breath Project

Nurses who volunteer to teach are responsible for their own airfare; Baby's Breath Project pays for all expenses while they are in Guatemala, as well as the cost of teaching materials, translators and the medical supplies we give to each of the midwives after they receive their training.

Your donations will go directly to support this training and purchase the equipment needed for it.  Baby's Breath Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

A baby's breath is a precious gift that is spoken the same in any language.

On behalf of all who benefit from your generosity, THANK YOU!

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